Black Holes : What We Know About it?

not only light but everything in between is located across a small range of centers. In today's article, we will know, what is a black hole? How are black holes formed?

Black Holes : What We Know About it?
not only light but everything in between is located across a small range of centers. In today's article, we will know, what is a black hole? How are black holes formed?

We have all heard the name of the Black Holes. This is a natural wonder where the effect of the gravitational ball is so great that even light cannot get out of its perimeter. Although it seems unusual, this is what happens in the middle of a black hole. Everything is forced to go to the center of its center under the influence of the center ball of attraction. As a result, not only light but everything in between is located across a small range of centers. In today's article, we will know, what is a black hole? How are black holes formed?

The physicist Karl Schwarzschild discovered the black hole in 1916, and it can be said that he did it by mistake. He made this incredible discovery while researching the theory of relativity of the world-famous physicist Einstein. The subject of his research was the discovery of an object that attracted everything to its center in a single way.

For example, the position of the sun in the solar system. Just as the sun is at the center of our solar system and attracts everything around it, so the discovery of a single object suddenly revealed the existence of a Black Holes. The specialty of this discovery was its radius.

Its diameter was so small compared to the mass between the objects, which may be the only reason why the center is also attracted. The gravitational pull of such a substance is so great that nothing can go beyond its diameter.

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Further research shows that the value of this attraction is so high that it is incomparable to any other attraction. Initially, this theory was only in written form, but after proving everyone wrong, it was finally found in nature. We know him as a Black Holes today.

Basically, the beginning of this natural wonder is from them. We know that they produce light and heat as a result of the constant collisions of their centers. The cause of this conflict is nuclear fusion. When two low-mass particles combine to form a high-mass particle, they release energy.

The amount of this energy is so high that the effect of such a reaction continues between the other corners. As a result, we always see light from them which is the result of this light and heat production.

To create a black hole, many conditions have to be fulfilled. Among which his size is a big issue. When a star is 8 times larger than the Sun, it undergoes much more fusion at the end of its life. As a result, heavier particles tend to accumulate in their center.

In the process of forming particles, iron starts to accumulate in its center. This process is quite difficult to accomplish from iron compared to other materials. Due to which at a time when the amount of iron becomes too much, they can no longer fusion. As a result, it is destroyed by itself.

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The desired condition can be seen only after the destruction. During his destruction, so much energy and gravitational attraction were created that everything merged into its center and formed a black hole. It is also called the central singularity where all the gravitational force and mass are located in one center.

This condition is called a black hole. The attraction between them is considered to be infinite and it is an invisible position. As a result, once something enters a black hole, it can never go beyond its limits. It is lost in its center and is destroyed by infinite attraction and heat. To get out of a black hole, you have to travel faster than the light of anything, which is impossible.

A black hole is a space in which nothing can be found to exist. Even now it is not possible to send any mechanical thing. But its position can be determined by the effect of its attraction ball. Such as Cygnus X-1, which is 6,000 light-years away. It is very difficult to determine how big the black hole is. However, ideas are easily obtained through comparison. Cygnus X-1 is 20 times larger than the Sun, which is a very common black hole. There are billions in the solar system that are still unknown to us.

What is extraordinary about this is that there is a special black hole in the center of each Milky Way or the center of each galaxy. This type of black hole is so huge that it is millions of times larger than the sun. Not only that, some are a few billion times bigger.

After eating countless substances and other black holes for millions of years, they took on such a large shape. So far many have tried to see the actual shape of the black hole. But as the name suggests, the type of work is the same, so no one could succeed.

There is no light in it and it is called a Black Holes because it enjoys everything like a huge hole. Although its full picture cannot be captured, its attraction can be captured in the different nature of the ball. As much as possible by determining the position of matter in between or when two or more black holes are connected.

During this time they emit a kind of ray through which ideas about their position and shape are obtained. However, recently a research team was able to highlight its shape for the first time. Its name is M87, which is 50 million light-years away and weighs 3 billion times more than the Sun.

Although its picture is not entirely clear, it is a new step in science. Surprisingly, it is good that the nearest Black Holes to the earth is far away or who knows, maybe we would have to fall prey to its infinite attraction ball.