We repeatedly got warned of a terrible infectious virus by bill gates website

Let's take a look at what Bill Gates was saying about the epidemic that we have not been able to comprehend for so long in bill gates website.

We repeatedly got warned of a terrible infectious virus by bill gates website
bill gates website

As we know from Bill Gates website, Bill Gates has been telling the world to be aware of the epidemic for a long time.

Coronavirus! A word that shocked the whole world at the moment! We were so shocked that we didn't even have time to prepare. But did Corona come so suddenly? To many of us, this is sudden, but a few people have been warning us about such a terrible infectious virus for the past several years.

Their statement was similar to our current situation, they said we are not prepared to deal with any new terrible epidemic. Along with other epidemiologists and health and environmental experts, Bill Gates has long said how poor we are to cope with any epidemic. Let's take a look at what Bill Gates was saying about the epidemic that we have not been able to comprehend for so long.

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We can find out from Bill Gates website , Bill Gates wrote in a blog post in 2010 after an outbreak of a type of influenza virus called H1N1 was detected in 2009.

"It simply doesn't matter how bad the H1N1 virus is, because it could have taken on a more dangerous form. The important thing is that if a virus takes a terrible shape, we are not prepared at all to deal with it.”

He also considered the 2009 outbreak as a warning to us. He then said that we should start extensive research to survive a more devastating epidemic in the world. Because later our fate may not be as good as in 2009.


According to Bill Gates website, Bill Gates delivered a speech at the anniversary of the TED conference, an American media organization, entitled "We are not at all ready for the next virus infection." When Bill Gates made this statement, the whole world was just breathing a sigh of relief after being freed from the Ebola virus. And already Bill Gates was worried about the next infection. He said on the occasion,

"If millions of people die for any reason in the next few decades, the cause will not be war at all, but maybe due to a highly contagious virus!"

"We are not ready at all now," he added. Subsequent infections can take on even more deadly forms than Ebola. In the future, we may be infected with a virus that will not make us feel bad at all and we will unknowingly spread this virus in the market.

Is this statement of the reader Bill Gates consistent with our current situation? This is exactly the reason why coronavirus has become so deadly. The coronavirus can remain dormant in humans for up to 21 days without showing any symptoms.

So the infected person will not realize for at least fourteen days that he is infected with the virus and can spread the virus without his knowledge.

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 According to Bill Gates' website, in an interview with the BBC, Bill Gates said,

"I do not want any major flu epidemic to hit the world in the next ten years. Because the two flu viruses of Ebola and Zika have shown us how much we suffer from the lack of protection from such viruses. And so our present world is not at all ready to deal with anyone epidemic! ”


Bill Gates began his speech at the annual Munich Security Conference on Global Defense Policy with a link between health and defense. "None of us really understand how closely these two issues are intertwined," he said. There, he cited the example of various epidemiologists, who repeatedly warned us that airborne viruses could attack us in the next 10 to 15 years and that more than three million people would die from the virus. Bill Gates said,

"We need to be concerned about nuclear war and climate change, as well as epidemics. Just as we are thinking about nuclear war and climate change, we need to be prepared for a global pandemic. ”

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In April 2008, at the Massachusetts Medical Society's health anniversary "Shatak Lecture", Bill Gates reminded everyone once again of an epidemic. "The world is advancing technologically and these improvements have made our lives much easier, but the world has not made any progress in preventing an epidemic," he said. So we should prepare now. Because if history warns us of anything, it is another epidemic.

As mentioned on Bill Gates website, he added that in order to prevent the spread of a virus-like Ebola in 2014, the whole world should come together and work on this issue.

"I've already talked to Donald Trump about this," he said in an interview with the state media. In May 2018 Donald Trump announced the closure of the White House Office of Epidemiology.

We learned from Bill Gates' website, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has funded several studies to develop a vaccine against the influenza virus. Also in 2017, an alliance was formed to prepare for the epidemic with the funding of this foundation. Bill Gates was also planning how to prevent the next epidemic.

The whole world was in a state of unpreparedness during the Nobel coronavirus infection, as no one could see the epidemic with the naked eye like Bill Gates.