Big Bang and Transformation of our Universe

The Big Bang is a theory describing the expansion of our Universe from a point of origin roughly 13.8 billion years ago.

Big Bang and Transformation of our Universe
Big Bang
Big Bang and Transformation of our Universe

Big Bang and Transformation of our Universe


The big bang theory is all about a huge explode which was happened billion of billion years ago. It is the best and leading explanation, that can explain how the universe began. The big bang theory says the universe started with a small singularity and day by day it grows and now it became to the cosmos after 13.8 billion years later as we know today.

With our new technology, it is hard to prove the birth of our universe. So, some think what we about big bang theory came from a mathematical model and formula. Astronomers also define the phenomenon called the cosmic microwave background by seeing the “eco” wave of the expansion. 

Most of the members of the astronomical community accepted the cosmic microwave background theory (CMB). But some of them provided alternative explanations besides the Big Bang theory. For instance, we can take Eternal inflation or an oscillating universe in this regard. 

In that time when, the bean of the universe, the temperature of surroundings was 5.5 billion degrees of Celsius (10 billion Fahrenheit) says NASA. In that time there was a vast number of particles like electrons, neutrons, and protons. And in that time universe loses its heat and got cooler.

The early soup was impossible to see because light could not go inside of it. "The free electrons would have caused light (photons) to scatter the way sunlight scatters from the water droplets in clouds," says NASA. Neutral atoms were created by the free nuclei met up with free electrons all over this time. So, this theory says that light was created or shine at list 380,000 years after the Big Bang.

That light is called the Afterglow is properly known as the cosmic microwave background or in short form CMB. In 1948 Ralph Alpher and some scientists predicted CMB. And it was found by an accident 20 years later.

With the help of cosmic microwave background and Big bang theory, some scientists tried to calculate or determine the age of the universe. From the European Space Agency’s Planck satellite observed in 2013 that, the universe was older than previously thought: 13.82 billion years old. And before that scientist thought the universe was 13.7 billion years old.

In Big Bang theory CMB is quite the same to see no matter where you look but the maps tell that the Northern Hemisphere is cooler than the Southern Hemisphere slightly.

We can have some clear ideas on the universe’s composition. According to the belief of the majority of scientists, the cosmos is made up of extraordinary energy. No matter and conventional instruments cannot sense this energy. We know them as dark energy or dark matter. Nearly 5% of the universe made with a matter like galaxies, planets, stars.

Scientist says when the universe was born it was increasing faster than the speed of light. After reading this some can say that Albert Einstein’s speed limited theory is wrong?  No, it is not wrong because the light is the fastest element that can travel in the universe but he did not that, it is faster than the universe itself too. So, the universe can be faster than the speed of light. 


The universe and the elements on it are getting faster speed by the expending of the universe. That’s mean every time one-star form another going far. So, one time no one will able to see its nearby Galaxy.