Artificial Intelligence and Robot Sophia

Sophia is the most advanced robot in the modern era. It is a humanoid or human-like robot. It is our dream that leads to future AI.

Artificial Intelligence and Robot Sophia
Robot Sophia

Artificial Intelligence and Robot Sophia


Sophia is the most advanced robot in the modern era. It is a humanoid or human-like robot. It is our dream that leads to future AI. Sophia can interact with people and display human-like expression. Hanson Robotics, a Chinese company, create Sophia in the year of 2016. It was created for research, entertainment. It is featured with visual tracking, face recognition, language processing and fluent in speech, an emotional expression like a human and other artificial intelligence-based behaviors. It is 167cm or 65.7 inches in height and 41cm or 16-inch width. It weighs 45lbs or 20kg. The developer used a lot of sensors to build Sophia the robot. Such as two custom 720p HD camera for eye, Intel RealSense camera, external USB microphone, Custom wide-angle 1080p chest camera, In arm joints use force sensors and joint angle sensors, Audio localization array, touch sensor in fingers and Inertial measurement unit (IMU). Sophia is powered by a 24-V lithium-polymer battery or 110 to the 220-V power supply. It has used 3 GHz Intel Core i7 processor and 32 GB of RAM, integrated GPU. Ubuntu Linux OS is installed here with Ethernet, wi-fi. Materials used to build robot Sophia is, carbon fiber, rubber (actuated skin), steel, CNC aluminum, Delrin thermoplastic, Spectra fiber, 3D-printed parts, polycarbonate, acrylic, and other mixed media.

The actuators of the Sophia robot are Head and Face, Eyes, Neck, Arms, and hands. Sophia is the world’s first, nonhuman citizen. She got a robot Innovation Ambassador for the UN or United Nations Development Program. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia also gave citizenship to Sophia. Di Stucco is the first photographer who went inside the Hanson Robotics in Hong-Kong. He said,” In the beginning, the job was difficult. Because Sophia did not recognize the camera. Three days later, she kind of learned. I don’t know the engineer put something on it via software or she went online and find something by herself. It felt very strange to me, and l realized she is not a human being, she is a humanoid robot. In the case of Sophia, we can say she is the world most advanced and recall the self-aware robot, but no robots have achieved AGI artificial general intelligence or smart like a human. She acts like a chatbot when she talks to journalists — Ben Goertzel AI researcher who designed Sophia’s brains.

David Hanson, the founder, and CEO of Hanson Robotics. He and his team create robot Sophia.

To know about the feeling of human activities and human emotion, some people asked Sophia had she ever been in love or, is she capable of doing such a thing? Out of script, Sophia responded, she does not do sexual activities. But after a search through her chat history, researchers confirmed she did not understand that question accurately. This chat history dada was collected from her offline database. This type of activity proves that she is using her AI or artificial intelligence to respond to humans. Sophia is using SIC or Sophia Intelligence Collective for connecting and communicating with a human. In her hybrid mode, Sophia’s interactions are a mixture: sometimes she by her self-generated script autonomously and some time Hanson Robotics navigate Sophia semi-autonomously.