Are smartphones secretly listening to us?

Are smartphones secretly listening to us?
Are smartphones secretly listening to us?

Have you ever noticed that when you make friends or acquaintances with strangers, the same person comes to your Facebook “People You May Know” suggestion? Or has it ever happened that you talked to your family about buying some things for the home and after some time the advertisement of that product came on your smartphone? Most smartphone users have such an experience.

But the subject was always limited to our liking, or we saw it as merely a pattern of technology. But basically behind it are some super-intelligent application software. Which is not limited to your data collection but is also able to understand what you are talking about.

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Artificial Intelligence is one of the best examples of the great advancement of technology in today's world. Not only technology but its use in business, trade, social and economic fields has increased at a significant rate. Smartphones and personal computers are no exception.

Smartphones are our constant companion these days. Perhaps we spend most of our time with our smartphones. And why not cut? No matter how much you are constantly entertained with the organization. Millions of applications can be used. Apps with various types of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been launched to provide three-dimensional benefits to the customers.

We all know more or less about virtual assistants. Of these, Apple's Siri and Google Home are particularly noteworthy. There are also Microsoft's Cortana and Samsung's Bixby. They can perform various tasks from the user's voice command. Each virtual assistant is activated by certain key commands. For example, the key command for Google Assistant is "OK Google", to activate Apple Siri you have to say "Hey Siri". As soon as they hear these keywords, they automatically start taking user instructions.

The work of artificial intelligence is not limited to listening and obeying orders. This technology is now bringing to us some features that previously seemed impossible. Now the thing to think about is that there are many more AI systems besides virtual assistants that are listening to us regularly.

On the other hand, there are millions of apps for use on smartphones. Several apps are listening to us from the background without permission. Many times we ourselves are ignoring various aspects and allowing these apps to listen to us.

When you install or open many applications on a smartphone, you will see that it allows access to your smartphone's gallery, microphone, etc. Many of us are inclined to do 'OK'. Thus different apps collect their necessary information from our conversations about our phone's microphone access.

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Various researchers are already working to analyze the human voice. These are called audio analysis algorithms. These algorithms can understand a person's mental state from their words. These modern AI systems can bring out information about whether the person is suffering from mental depression, drug addiction, or even marital strife.

However, they can gather important information not only from the sound of a person's mouth but also from the surrounding sound. The whole credit for collecting information from words so subtly goes to machine learning. Basically, it is a type of artificial intelligence.

Billions of data can be analyzed using machine learning. In some places, they find similar similarities or patterns in this information. According to this pattern, the algorithms update themselves and their results are accurate and perfect.

Basically, to know about the needs and wants of the people, various commercial organizations are creating such applications with the help of technologists. Some advertising agencies work with almost every major Internet-enabled organization. Advertising agencies determine what specific product ads a particular customer will see when they enter a website.

This marketing policy is now being used by almost all established e-commerce websites. An excellent example of Google Adsense is the monitoring of which allows you to see advertisements of local products on any foreign website.

According to a recent survey, at least seven out of every ten smartphone applications are exchanging customer information with a third party. Apps work separately after being installed on the phone, but in some cases, they can be combined to form a complete picture of your personal life. So use a certified and trusted app for your security.