Ants Fantastic Social Life

Ants live a social life as human d

Ants Fantastic Social Life

Ants Fantastic Social Life


Ants maintaining a social life can amaze you. They live like us (Human) with some responsible and strict rules. They live together as a society and follow the instruction of their queen. Also, Ant works very hard. We will know more about them here.


Where they live?

It can be a funny question to you that where Ant lives. Because in our thought ants live everywhere. No, it's wrong. They also have a place to live as we live in our house.

However, even though they are wandering all over our locality, they are not residents. They dig the soil on the ground, on the trunk of the tree, or the floor of the dwelling floor, or gather the land in a pile like a high mound. Ants of some species prefer to settle under the dry stone. The ants stay warm and dry due to the stone.


They specialized in making mounds. Their mounds have been exposed to technical craft. These mounds provide low temperature and a suitable environment for the ants to live and breed from larvae. During the construction of the pile, ants dig up the soil and form many narrow tunnels. At times, the tube can be as deep as 20-25 meters. Many may think, how big a shaft made by thousands of ants in mounds. But you may be surprised to know that about 670 acres of ants mound are found in Hokkaido, Japan. About 45,000 connected tunnels found in this colony! About 360 million workers are working in the territory under one million queen ants. Surprisingly, the ants never break the rules to control over managing such a large colony. This type of enormous colony known as the 'Super colony'. And all this happen for many years. 


Ant's communication media

Many may think, how many moths will mingle in a mound secure communication is needed to build strong bonds among members of society. Members of the community can build this bond by communicating with each other. This may true for us, but how do ants maintain contact with others? Interestingly, ants also communicate by talking. Although it has nothing to do with the way we speak. They do not need to speak through their mouths. Their speaking language is chemical. When an exchange of information is required, an ant releases various chemical from its body. The other Ant takes its substance through its antennae and can sense hidden details in between. This may sound strange to us, but it is the most common image in the Ant's world. Many may have received such a scent by closely observing a group of ants. The funniest thing is that the olfactory Ant acts like an ID. This scent defined as an individual name. Again, ants smell differently depending on their rank. However, ants do not communicate through smell. Sometimes they interact with each other by shaking their legs.



Ant's social responsibility

Being small, they cannot collect food can not do defensive work alone. That is why they move in bandits. United ants can cause panic for any animal. Probably many of us may find the unity of ants. Hardly any people have not faced a combined attack of ants after attacking the mounds of Ant during playing. An ant bite may not be as dangerous, but when hundreds of ants bite you, it becomes difficult to cope with the pain.


If not in danger, ants move around as many peaceful insects. They go out in search of food, judging the environment and smell. They carry food and store it in their mounds. Many ants rely on other insects for food. The ants are quite calculative in their collection of food. They save a lot of food for the future. The renowned storyteller, Bishop, wrote an inspirational story based on this quality of ants.


War of Ants

Each Ant is loyal to its queen and mound. They are ready to do whatever the members of the pile need. But their relationship with other mound's ants is not as good. They express a violent attitude towards different piles. The main reason behind this may be 'food'.


No ants want to share their food with any other. Ants of some species draw borders with dry soil outside of their mounds. The danger is if ants from other colonies across these borders. Then the ants, led by the queen, became soldiers. They try to kill each other by throwing poison, biting or blowing hulls. For every Ant their main enemy is not human, the other mounds ant is the main enemy to each other. And the most exciting thing is wherein a mound if many numbers of the queen are present then they make a clash between them and try to be the only queen of that mound. That the reason ants cannot stay a long time in the same pile.