A view the World’s first electric flight simulation

If you see the statistic result, in the last 100 years, CO2 has been 35% increased to the atmosphere. It proves how our planet is going to danger.

A view the World’s first electric flight simulation
Electric Plane

A view the World’s first electric flight simulation


Vancouver, Canada, creates a great history to inaugurate World’s first electric plane. Harbor Air and Mannix co. Operated for this invention jointly and configured it with six sit’s cabin and electric engine. It is mainly structured as a sea craft, yellow color outdoor that proclaim C-FJOS. A short flight for around fifteen minutes raises more hope for the aviation companies for the upcoming days. This E-plane can pass one hundred miles/one hundred and sixty kilometers at a fly! Moreover, Lithium battery power has been empowered to increase gear circulation. 


What Harbor Air and Mannix predict on this E-plane?

For the first time, they announce to fly a super E-plane, which is designed smoothly compared to a sea craft. And, 15 minutes of the fly time creates a record in the aviation sector. In a statement, Mannix says that the main motto of the E-plane is to increase airtime and emit less fuel at the sky. Nowadays, increasing of the flying simulators is emitting heavy Carbon. And, It has been one of the main reasons for global warming and the greenhouse effect. So, an Electrical flight simulator can reduce our global environment from excessive pollution. Recently, Harbor air and Mannix cooperatively planning to develop the engine and battery power. Isn’t it amazing to create upcoming airways?

How would E-craft be significant to economical/environmental growth?

Reducing a significant amount of cost is possible once the electrical engine is set up to the planes. Recent airways are dependable to use a gallon of jet fuel, which emits Carbon dioxide at the Novo sphere. Jet fuel causes an enormous cost, decreases fuel quantity, and pollutes the atmosphere. But, what if our planes emit no excessive gas? Answer: Air remains fresh; Global warming keeps balance; Low storm, thunders, and cyclone happens.  


As well as airways can reduce excessive tainting and ensure a safer journey around the World. It is going to become a significant change to the economic hype. Recent airways, vehicles, and sea-craft are the main reason why our environment is being messy, and the temperature is being high due to unlimited air pollution. Once E-planes start their destination around the sky, our earth would be able to reduce heavy contamination.  


Is Electric simulation able to run country to country?

Not for now. The first testing flight takes 15 minutes in the air. It runs 100 miles for the maximum with the lithium battery power. But, Harbor air and Mannix predicts that by 2020 E-planes will be taken off commercially. Not only Canadian flight but also maximum airways would be able to make their safe journey with the blessing of the electrical engine. It is a point to be noted that E-flight can run globally within a short time.  

If you see the statistic result, in the last 100 years, CO2 has been 35% increased to the atmosphere. It proves how our planet is going to danger. International Aviation Organization predicts to save 1.5 billion gallons of fuel/year in America if E-planes start their business officially. If only America can save this much fuel, it is possible to avoid this World with the contribution of all the developed countries. 

Also, the University of Stuttgart researched on the futurism of the electric plane. They find a miracle to the calculation of the General Airways VS Electric Airways! If our technology isn’t able to start the usage of E-plane by 2050, Carbon emitting is going to pass by 40%. It is not very good news for our planet. But, Harbor Air puts us in the hope of introducing their best E-flight by 2020. 

Besides Electrical simulation, we should increase the utilization of Electrical vehicles in our city. Because Not only airways are emitting C02 but also our transports are responsible for this. So, Our global population should come to the contribution of increasing non-fuel transportation. Comprehensive technology is working hard to gift us less carbon-emitting products. Let’s forward our helping hand to the technologists and encourage our planet to live long!


So, this C-FJOS introduced its first flight in Vancouver on 11 December 2019. It is the World’s first commercial E-plane to run a hundred miles with the support of lithium battery power.