2049, The Ultimate Future

Let’s welcome our future to gift us a wonderful world!  Say Hello to 2050.

2049, The Ultimate Future
Future of Human Race

2049, The Ultimate Future



Today’s technology is being far enriched with Artificial intelligence. Then what’s going to be in the 2049 multi-tech vision? Something unpredictable is waving us. Not only our living hood but also the temporary town in the coastal area, self-controlling vehicles, E-control of home and office, Electrical planes, using robot would be the miracle at this time. The United States and the Indian state would have only 30% of the village. We must get familiar to some features of the upcoming future below:


3D window and Architectural display glass

The automotive window is going to use a 3D curtain that would turn off at night and turn on in the morning on its own. It rings an alarm at the room with beautiful tunes to wake you up and restrict messy smells to surround the house. You get air freshener all the time. After you wake up to the bed, you can get your daily routine in front of you with the blessing of Architectural display glass (ADG). 

With the ADG, you can maintain your house chores like opening a cupboard, setting up bed, breakfast Etcetera. Robotics curriculum would be applicable for home maintenance in this era. You can get to a super home if you wish. 


Self-controlled vehicles

Bus, Truck, Pickup; primarily, a car would be functioned to the self driver. You can switch your destination and turn your windows change to a hundred kind of theme. Even if you go out for a long journey, you can customize your site to the sleeping bed. It would be a significant milestone to get rid of an unpredictable accident. 


Our transportation varies will probably reduce when ferrying commercial things here to there and global economic growth would be turn double till now. Children can go to their school, college or Universities with zero percent of a traffic jam because of the digitalized traffic law. But, it is a matter of sorrow that 40% of drivers won’t have their job. Automotive display glass would be available to the car, and it works like you can fly your favorite music inside of the vehicle in one touch. Also, you can enjoy 3D movies inner! 

How would be the school and classes?

The terrace of the school building would be covered by lightweight photovoltaic glass. Instead of the wall frame, notice or design at the school will be transmitted to the 3D model and non-piercing. Plans can be turned to extraordinary scenery by one touch. Classes would be taken via wall format display class. Teachers can easily change their lessons. It’s like instead of the class board or using of projectors won’t be available at the super 2049 but the WFD (Wall Format Display) glass. Both students and teachers won’t need using a pen or paper. It is predicted that within the next fifty years, using paper would come under 50%. 

Doctor 3D mission

In 2020, we can see E-medicine and E-medical support has already begun, and, predictably, 2049 is going to get 3D help from the renowned hospitals. It doesn’t matter wherever you live, and you can fix an appointment through specialty tablet glass. Via wall format display glass, you can get a prescription immediately and efficiently. Glass optical fiber would help the doctors to research operation and train the medical students. 3D optimized glass components would be signed to an immediate X-ray.


All-weather surface glass

This is a version of getting through a jungle and enjoys the life of 65 million ago animals. Dinosaurs are one of them. Students will be protected through a digitalized scanner and take a long walk in the purpose of the study tour. Wherever they see an animal/plant or insects, they can get instant research through the wall format display. By the benediction, people can watch 3D live streams.

At the wind-up, whatever the technology is predicting today may come true and bring more peace to the world. As we shall have more facilities, also it brings harm to us if we misuse of technology. Robotics system increases by time to maintain transaction, restaurant, and automotive transports. Next-generation would have very much gratitude to the technologists who make the future vision easier to them.


Let’s welcome our future to gift us a wonderful world!